We specialize in the bespoke active travel experience and work closely with our clients to put together highly individualized tour packages. Choose from a variety of accommodations in the countryside and along the coast, and choose the services and support you desire to enhance your Côte d'Azur active experience. Our ride guides and training camp directors are experienced cyclists and triathletes, and certified coaches who are eager to show you the best of the Maritime Alps à vélo, and share their knowledge with you so you can take your training to the next level - whether you are preparing for your race season, a specific event, or just trying to improve overall fitness.

Azur Vélo Founder and CEO Diana Panchyk is a lifelong athlete, with 14 years of experience racing road and mountain bikes in Europe and in the US, and 20+ years of competition in cycling, running and duathlon. A native New Yorker now living in a small mountain village, fluent in French and immersed in the local culture of the region, she knows the best kept secrets in the area – whether it’s a quaint café for a mid-ride pick-me-up, a fantastic hidden back road, a fabulous picnic area, or the training hotspots and secrets of local pro riders – her familiarity with the area and the regional culture will add an unforgettable special touch to your trip.

About Azur Vélo

 At Azur Vélo, our mission is: 

  • To offer highly individualized trips and camps so cycling, triathlon and outdoor enthusiasts of all levels have the opportunity to enjoy the extraordinary roads and the incredible ambiance of the French Riviera on their own terms
  • To offer an authentic and unforgettable experience of the Côte d'Azur, enhancing each trip with special touches that only locals can provide
  • To make professional level training and support more accessible to cyclists across levels and genders, so they may benefit from the knowledge and expertise of world-class athletes
  • To encourage solidarity among members of the global community of cyclists in order to help develop the sport in positive ways
  • To support measures that protect cyclists' rights worldwide, and help make the roads a safer place to enjoy our sport

Azur Vélo training camps and cycling trips are designed to help you make the most of your time on the bike and off, in the spectacular setting of the French Riviera and the arrière pays niçois. Explore the challenging mountain roads of the Maritime Alps, ride along the stunning Riviera littoral, and enjoy the splendid backdrop of endless mountains, sea and charming villages. Spend your post-ride time visiting our beautiful region and replenishing with the delicious local cuisine.