Can I rent a bike?

We have a limited number of rental bikes available for our trips. Please contact us for details about models available in your size and pricing.


What type of food is served at your camps?

Meals at our camps are put together especially for cyclists, and include local specialties in addition to pasta to fulfill your carbohydrate/ refueling needs!


Do you cater to special dietary requirements?

Yes, we know how important it is to respect dietary needs while away from home! Depending on the requirement, there may be a small additional charge. Please contact us for more information.


What is the weather like, and what should I pack for rides?

The Southeast of France is one of the sunniest regions in the world during the late spring and summer months! The climate is mild and ideal for cycling. Here are the observed average temperatures and max temperature in Nice for 2013:


Average low – Average high; Max high (Fahrenheit)

May 58 – 71; 84

June 64 – 77; 92

July 68 – 82; 97

August 69 – 83; 100

September 67 – 76; 91


Most of the time, you will be very comfortable in a jersey and shorts. However, It may be a few degrees cooler in the mountains, and it is easy to get cold during long descents. We advise packing a cycling vest, a windbreaker and arm warmers as well as a warmer jacket for long descents. Since we will have a support vehicle for longer rides, it is a good idea to bring your extra layers along just in case!


Is there a rest/recovery day in the elite training camps?

Yes. A lighter training day is built into all our camps, usually with the possibility to ride longer. 


Are non-cycling companions welcome at elite training camps?

Yes. Non-cycling companions are welcome at a 10% discount. However, we will not be able to transport non-cycling companions in the support vehicle during rides. We would be happy to suggest daytime activities, though non-cycling companions should be adventurous and prepared to spend much of the time exploring on their own!


Are there any non-riding activities in elite training camps?

Yes. Although clinics, seminars and training rides take up a large part of each day, we also take the time to stop for coffee or lunch in quaint mountain villages, explore the local culture, enjoy the Mediterranean cuisine, take advantage of village
festivals in the area, soak up the sun, and enjoy the many amenities of our accommodations, including the lovely outdoor pool and café. For active non-riding companions, there are also extensive hiking trails that start right at the hotel!